The Clash evolution!

The Clash evolution!

IMPORTANT: Currently the production capacity is exhausted. All upcoming orders are wait-listed. Some devices are available at Urban Record Store. I will built a new batch for Christmas. Thanks for your understanding.

The Clash can be purchased exclusively in Freiburg, Germany at the fabulous “Urban Record Store“. Orders via mail are also possible. The Clash is made in Germany, patent pending. Price is €59.00 + shipping.

The Clash is a mobile high-quality handmade, power supply free, cross-fader which allows you to connect two audio sources and blend them. Connect any phone, mp3 player, turn table, instrument to one of the inputs and battle your friends.

Two inputs (Line Level), One output (Line Level), no battery or power supply required ,high precision state of the art ALPS cross fader, three studio quality 3,5mm jacks, reduced to minimum electronics – no interference, no noise, no compromise, 100% handmade, cases are 3D printed to order, so minor deviations are expected and appreciated. Don´t expose to sunlight or high temperatures since the case is printed using 100% bio-degradable material.  12 month warranty on functionality.

The Clash – logo design by Axel Roth – sogehtdes.net

The picture above shows how to connect your Clash to your devices and sound systems. It is quite easy to do so, in fact there are only three audio jacks available. The outer ones are to connect devices like mobile phones, tablets, CD Player, Tape Decks, personal assistance like Alexa or Siri, your PC etc. Basically any device which outputs an audio line level is a good source. The middle audio jack is the output of The Clash. Connect your stereo or sound system and you are ready to clash.

Feedback is key for me to ensure that future versions of the clash meets your requirements. If you have any feedback or a story about you and The Clash, please feel free to drop me a mail.

The Clash is made in Germany and is very robust. However, please ensure that you don´t expose The Clash to sunlight. Since I am using a bio-degradable material for the case, it is a bit sensitive to hot temperature.  Treat The Clash like your mobile and your are  on the safe side.

I am sure you know already what to do with The Clash, however here are some areas of operation, advised by other Clash users:

Wedding: Have a Clash available so that guests can play their songs and Clash with others
Car: Attach the Clash to the AUX input of your Cars stereo and let the Backrow be DJs
Friends: Classic Clashing by sharing the latest tunes using your own playlist
DJ: A tablet and a mobile is all you need to gear up any ad hoc party
Home: Connect your PC and your mobile to The Clash and enjoy music while gaming

The Clash!

The Clash!

Want to clash your best friend with music? Annoyed of sharing one phone? You join a party and there is a need for a DJ, but no equipment at hand? Well there is a solution now – you need “The Clash”.

The Clash is a mobile high-quality handmade, power supply free, Crossfader which allows you to connect two audio sources and blend them. Connect any phone, mp3 player, turn table, instrument to one of the inputs and battle with your best friend.

The Clash is a pocket size mobile dj-crossfader featuring:

  • Two inputs (Line Level)
  • One output (Line Level)
  • No battery or power supply required
  • Pocket size
  • High precision state of the art ALPS cross fader
  • Three studio quality 3,5mm jacks
  • Reduced to minimum electronics – No interference, No noise
  • Many colors available (Black, White, Red, Blue, Orange)
  • Handmade, if stock is empty 3-4 weeks lead time

Availability – May 2019

Estimated price: €59 + shipping

Check: impossible-solutions.de for more details

Snowsculpting Finland Day 3 & 4

Snowsculpting Finland Day 3 & 4

Evening of day two was at the Oulu Town hall. Evening started quite easy but then it developed into a great party.

Day 3 went very well progress was great. And the weather is perfect for carving. We have now -21 degrees celsius. But there was a scary update from the weather forecast service. There will be rain tonight and temperatures going up to 3 degrees. If that is the case some of the sculptures might be in trouble. Lets see…

Kalle provided us with a beer emergency kit. I assume he meant “Break” instead of “Broke” 🙂

And then on day 4 – The real nightmare for us begun. Temperature raised over night to plus 4 degrees. Rain was there in the night. As a result we had the first collapse of our sculpture around 15:30. A bigger part of our wall collapsed. However we could fix that quite well. After the first shock we did not gave up and started to fix the sculpture. Another 2 hours later, we just had a coffee at the Luma Bar, someone came and told us that our 3,5 meter statue collapsed. That was the time where we were very close to resign. But Olympic spirit won and so we build on what was left. After all we came up with a much smaller statue and less walls but the idea of the sculpture was still visible.

Day one – Great progress

Day one – Great progress

A walk on the beach on a beautiful but very windy day. Carving starts at 12:00

We won Block 1 at the lottery. Hope that this is a good Omen.

Security first. Lothar took one of the famouse snow sculpting helmets made available by the Finish government.

The “Lady” is already spotting over the Block.

Final result day 1

Blocks waiting for us!

Blocks waiting for us!

Finally we arrived in Oulu. Blocks are waiting for us. Tomorrow we will start carving. However, snow is not perfect. Much too warm. Currently we have 2 degrees plus. Very unusual for that time of the year. Tomorrow will be the lottery for the Blocks. Hope we get one, not too much exposed to sun.