Snowsculpting Finland Day 3 & 4

Snowsculpting Finland Day 3 & 4

Evening of day two was at the Oulu Town hall. Evening started quite easy but then it developed into a great party.

Day 3 went very well progress was great. And the weather is perfect for carving. We have now -21 degrees celsius. But there was a scary update from the weather forecast service. There will be rain tonight and temperatures going up to 3 degrees. If that is the case some of the sculptures might be in trouble. Lets see…

Kalle provided us with a beer emergency kit. I assume he meant “Break” instead of “Broke” 🙂

And then on day 4 – The real nightmare for us begun. Temperature raised over night to plus 4 degrees. Rain was there in the night. As a result we had the first collapse of our sculpture around 15:30. A bigger part of our wall collapsed. However we could fix that quite well. After the first shock we did not gave up and started to fix the sculpture. Another 2 hours later, we just had a coffee at the Luma Bar, someone came and told us that our 3,5 meter statue collapsed. That was the time where we were very close to resign. But Olympic spirit won and so we build on what was left. After all we came up with a much smaller statue and less walls but the idea of the sculpture was still visible.

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