Snowsculpting is a fascinating way to shape beautiful sculptures using compressed snow. At the international challenges we are faced with 25 tons of compressed snow. The raw cubes are 3m x 3m x 3m and the time to carve a piece of art is approx. 40 hours. The cold, the pain transforms us every time into a strong and reliable team. As a result we show the audience a unique piece of fading art.

I was pulled into snow sculpting when Team Black Forest, Germany was invited to the Whitehorse international Snow Sculpting Championship. Team Black Forest wanted to come up with something unique and since the Whitehorse Challenge came with “no rules” it was an appealing opportunity for me to combine my light art with the outstanding sculpting skills of the German Snow Sculpting team.

The result was worldwide first interactive Snow Sculpture “Be one“. Next challenge is already on the way. We will attend the Baltic Snow Call in Finland in February 2018

Finnland 2018 – Baltic Snow Call

Whitehorse 2016 – “Be One”