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DeinBlau codeinblau179nnects the association of the color blue with liquids and with a microcosmic world living in this liquid which is normally not recognized.
If you strike with you hand through water you see how the water moves. You will see wave crests and wave hollows. However, inside the water there are countless microscopic particles which are distributing following physical laws. That means we see two things. On one hand we see the movement of the water, on the other hand we see the movement of the particles. deinblau175_pcSince the particles are so small, you as an observer can not recognize them.

DeinBlau shows a liquid on the huge wall. You can influence the liquid on the wall with your hands. Like in the real world you can only see the effect you have on the liquid not on the particles. While you are influencing the liquid “DeinBlau” fills the scene in the background with 1.000.000 particles. This particles will be influenced by your moves.

deinblau-391If we now masking out the liquid and show the particles only you will get an impressive and unique view on pictures which you generally oversee.

You can save your creation at the exhibition. On a monitor you will see yourBlue. At the end of the exhibition we will compile one picture including all saved tiles from all the visitors. So you can be part of a piece of art where hundreds of visitors have contributed.

I wish you the best blue!

Mike Schneider