The Clash!

The Clash!

Want to clash your best friend with music? Annoyed of sharing one phone? You join a party and there is a need for a DJ, but no equipment at hand? Well there is a solution now – you need “The Clash”.

The Clash is a mobile high-quality handmade, power supply free, Crossfader which allows you to connect two audio sources and blend them. Connect any phone, mp3 player, turn table, instrument to one of the inputs and battle with your best friend.

The Clash is a pocket size mobile dj-crossfader featuring:

  • Two inputs (Line Level)
  • One output (Line Level)
  • No battery or power supply required
  • Pocket size
  • High precision state of the art ALPS cross fader
  • Three studio quality 3,5mm jacks
  • Reduced to minimum electronics – No interference, No noise
  • Many colors available (Black, White, Red, Blue, Orange)
  • Handmade, if stock is empty 3-4 weeks lead time

Availability – May 2019

Estimated price: €59 + shipping

Check: for more details

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