Baltic Snow Call 2018 – Finnland

Baltic Snow Call 2018 – Finnland


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Team Black Forest Germany is qualified!

The contestant teams for the first Baltic Snow Call have now been chosen. The qualification process has been a very difficult task, because of the many excellent applications we have received from right across the globe. From some of the countries that were interested in competing, we had received two or more applications.

Countries such as India, China, Thailand, Italy, Spain, Mexico, The US and Canada, were all very keen to participate in our first Baltic Snow Call. Unfortunately, due to the number of applications we have received worldwide, we had to limit the number of participating teams to ten. In the future, we intend to open up the competition to invite more teams to take part, making it more exciting and competitive.

For this event, we have finally chosen nine, out of the original ten Baltic Sea countries and one team from China. The following teams that will be taking part in our Baltic Snow Call 2018 are as follows:

FINLAND     Lumistit: Ari-Pekka Kuusela, Aleksi Salakka, Antti Kolppo

SWEDEN    Snow Flow: Edwin Böck, Lars Fager, Leif Andersson

NORWAY    Team Arctic: Elisabeth Kristensen, Ida Nove Canon, Silja Skoglund

GERMANY    Team Black Forest: Lothar Luboschik, Detlef Schürtzmann, Mike Schneider

POLAND    Snow Art Poland: Tomasz Koclega, Piotr Muschalik, Junko Fujimori

LITHUANIA    Team Lithuania: Mindaugas Jurenas, Lukas Siupsinskas, Tomas Petreikis

LATVIA    Team Latvia: Zigmunds Vilnis, Ilze Ieva Vilne, Edmunds Krūms

ESTONIA    Team Estonia: Lauri Tamm, Anna Otsolainen, Mari Hiiemäe

RUSSIA    Team Russia:  Aleksei Moskalev, Svetlana Tutanova, Mikhail Erushev

CHINA    Team China: Weiliang Wang, Jialin Wang, Liang Li