Let us introduce “Be one”

Let us introduce “Be one”

Be one is the name of the snow sculpture you will see if you come and join us in the week of the 22nd of February in Whitehorse, Canada. We are proud to say that Team Germany was selected out of a huge number of teams to represent Germany in this years Whitehorse Snow Sculpting Challenge.

“Be one” means “Be one” and we promise to take this very serious. Over the next view days we will reveal more and more details about the sculpture and if we have good conditions and enough time “Be one” will be the worldwide first snow sculpture which interacts with the observer. “Be one” will respond to biometrics and you will have the unique opportunity to BE ONE with a piece of art. The interaction is at the moment more a “nice to have” since we are concentrating first on the sculpture as such. There are several variables like humidity and temperature which adds an incalculable risk of making the interaction happen. But we will do whatever we can to make it happen.

At the moment we are not able to show you how the sculpture will look like, even if we do have a model of it. But hey, we want to win the challenge so please bear with us – we will post pictures during the making of it.

However please feel free to comment on pictures and also wish us good luck. Especially since building a snow sculpture is a very complex process and the idea making it interactive adds a new level to it.

We hope that the cold and humidity will not put a spoke in our wheel and that people like what they will see.

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