Olympic Spirit

Olympic Spirit

Yesterday the opening party took place. It was amazing to see how all the people melt together. Of course there is competition but at the same time we felt a very strong spirit. Teams across the globe built a community or should I say family? Well it’s up to the teams to decide on this but for us it is a huge honer to be part of this exciting challenge. To build such a nice environment and connecting people around the world you’ll need someone who brings it all together. In case of the Whitehorse Challenge there is a team of passionated people addicted to snow carving – they do an outstanding piece of work!

So we feel very very well here and even if we might not win the challenge we won already – We won lots of new friends and we have had the unique chance to feel what Olympic Spirit means.

He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life – Muhammad Ali

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