Intense but fun days

Intense but fun days

The challenge is over and when reflecting on the week it was an exciting journey. There were so many variables in the game, the temperature, the time needed to build the sculpture, the time we had left to do missing coding for the interaction and the artificial snow with lots of voids. Lothar’s design turned out to be the right answer to all of that. The design was perfect for the environmental situation. “Be one” was the only sculpture with a sun roof and so the temperature was not so much a problem for us. Finally the interaction also worked as planned.

We are proud to say that we created a piece of art combining high class snow sculpting with “Maker culture art“. Adding interaction to the sculpture is a magnet for visitors and might open a new chapter in snow carving. “Be one” is the worldwide first interactive snow sculpture and we are happy that Whitehorse gave us the opportunity for this. Let’s see if this innovative combination inspires others to do something similar in the future.


2 thoughts on “Intense but fun days

  1. Well done boys – congratulations to the wonderful result and the 3rd place.
    Impressive – looking forward to see more videos about “Be one”.
    Come home healthy “ins Badnerländli”.

  2. der rechts und der in der Mitte sind ja immer noch voll elektrifiziert 🙂 🙂 🙂
    well done team germany !

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