We are getting there…

We are getting there…

Beside soldering I am also working on the code. There will be several controller involved. One will control the LED panel. The Firmware for this one is already done. Then there is the liquid simulation and the VR 3D controller. This needs a very strong PC to ensure framerates above 50fps. First I thought that I can use an older Laptop for that, but it turns out that most of the calculations for the liquid simulation will be done on the GPU instead the CPU. This means I need to have a much stronger Graphic card, even I don’t use a monitor at all – strange, eh 🙂  – Since I also need to get the timing right and I don’t want to use a real time linux system as backend I also decided to build a computer for that. So now I am waiting for the parts and then hopefully the simulation and the VR part runs smooth.

Here some of the tiles produced on my deinBlau test system. I am very exited to see how this will then finally look on the low resolution LED screen.

deinblau51deinblau39deinblau53 deinblau56 youblue19youblue2


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