Installation Time! – A weekend of uncertainty…

Installation Time! – A weekend of uncertainty…

Last weekend was the time to install the panels at the museum. Since it turns out that the drilled holes are not so smooth as expected I needed to cover all holes with something to make the individual led’s more diffuse.

Cut a long story short, I had to cover all the holes with transparent dull tape. Nicole helped me here this weekend. Without her engagement and detailed work it would not be possible to reach the goal. Finally we placed the last panel on the wall at 1:00am.

Unfortunately we see some of the WS2812b LED’s failing and I currently hope that this is only a handful. I am not sure if this happens when turning on power to the wall. If I see more LED’s failing over time I will develop a “power On delay” to give the power supply’s a bit more time to settle. There is of course a chance that the power supply overshoot when turning on.

So uncertainty stays until the reliability of the wall meets my expectations. Tomorrow I will install all the remaining power supplies after triple-checking the wiring.

Soldering the power supply inputs
We are getting there…
Some more panels to go
Nicole checking if the applied tape covers all the holes fully. She developed to a real “Maker” on that weekend. Without her, I would not be able to install the wall on that weekend.
Some more rows to go.
Me cutting distance blocks for the panels.
Impressive backside of the wall. Here you see the 9000 soldering points and the copper wires.
Backside other angle.
Installing, connecting and fitting a panel to the wall.
Installing a panel.
Screwing a panel.
Done with the help of…
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