Day 3 – Carving, Backpain, Carving, Backpain, Carv….

Day 3 – Carving, Backpain, Carving, Backpain, Carv….

No joke, pain is everywhere. Especially me as a office guy. But Lothar saved our lives when he found a back-massage-chair at the artists lounge.

The sculpture as such progresses quite good today. We have now 12 hours left to do the fine-tuning.

Team Black Forest comes with their own Salmiaki Bar – Ice cooled!

Final result at day 3

Now we are on the way to the “Snow Conference” where lots of very, very important people talk about the latest techniques and tools in snow carving – pppffftt we know how to carve and so this mandatory event might be a bit of verbal pain for us. Just right now we decided to be late for the opening 🙂 Ups…

I might post some pictures from the conference, where we expect much more fun as I just wrote in a sentence before.  Lothi “the princess” deviate a bit from the dress code 🙂

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